Inspiration,where art thou?

Here’s How the World’s Most Talented Musicians Find Their Inspiration that could help you find yours too 🙂

Anyone who has ever taken on a big creative project knows that creativity is a fickle mistress. Anyone who’s followed Beyoncé’s career knows that it’s possible, for some super humans, to be insanely creative whenever they like.

There are secrets to creativity — tricks that work for the best musicians going. Here are some of the most successful musicians’ daily routines and creative practices:

1. Taylor Swift: Give yourself time, embrace anxiety.


2. Jay-Z: Embrace spontaneity, practice every day.912f1eed97349ae7efbae45dfb8c3754.png

3. Kendrick Lamar: Make a schedule, seize creative moments.


4. Frank Ocean: Separate work and life, watch silent movies, work in silence.


5. Janelle Monáe: Be freaky, embrace other art forms, get therapy.


6. Beyoncé: Exercise, raise a child, see music, be a superhuman.


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